How much does it cost?

A Vivenda session costs $325 plus the cost of the groceries, which depends on what you order but will be between $220 - $320. So the total outlay is between $500 – 600. That breaks down to $11 – 13 per serve, or around the same price as a Pad Thai!

How much space do I need in my freezer?

This depends slightly on the dimensions of your freezer, but a good rule of thumb is around 60 litres. That’s around half of a family size fridge/freezer. If you are worried about space, please do give Sarah a call on 0488 725 211 to see if we can make it work.

What can I do if I have a small freezer?

There are a couple of options… you could go for a sample session, but more cost effective would be to organise to split your Vivenda meals with a friend!

What is the optimal temperature for my freezer?

Your freezer should be at -18C or lower to maximise the storage life of any frozen food

How many dishes can I order?

Full Session: Any 5 mains, soups or snacks. If you would like sides; subtract 1 main, soup or snack for each side i.e. if you order 2 sides you can order 4 mains, soups or snacks.

Sample Session: 3 mains, soups or snacks. If you would like sides; subtract 1 main, soup or snack for each side i.e. if you order 2 sides you can order 2 mains, soups or snacks. 

If there is something I don’t like, can you leave it out of a dish?

Of course, that is the beauty of Vivenda! We prepare everything in your kitchen to your exact specifications so can make any changes you wish. If we think that the changes will effect the integrity of the dish we will let you know, but apart from that, the sky is the limit. We are also happy to make a Vivenda version of your favourite dish if its not on our list.

Do you cater for people with allergies and intolerances?

Absolutely, as we come to you and cook exactly what you need we can cater to any specifications.

What are the timings of a typical session?

Full session: Sarah typically arrives at 8.30am and finishes around 4.30pm, we can be flexible on this so feel free to let us know if you would prefer to start earlier or later.

Sample session: A sample session usually starts at 8.30am and finishes around 1.00pm, but again we are happy to be flexible on this.

Do I need to be home for my Vivenda session?

No, most of our clients let us into their kitchen in the morning and then head off to work, or play. Sarah then lets herself out after filling the freezer!

What do I need to do for my Vivenda session?

Sarah brings all the pots, pans, utensils and groceries she will need, all we need from you is…

- 2 lineal metres of clear bench space (this can include a kitchen table)

- A sink and draining board free of any dishes

- A free shelf in your fridge

- Your freezer on its coldest setting around 24 hours prior to your Vivenda session

- Approximately 60 litres of freezer space

How are the meals packaged?

We package each dish into generous, two-serving portions. Many of our clients with young families say these portions are plenty for two adults and two young children, say a 2yo and 4yo. If you would like the meals portioned differently, such as single serve, please let Sarah know and this will be accommodated.

What packaging do you use?

To ensure maximum flexibility, meals are packaged in paperboard containers. These are safe for use in the freezer, microwave and conventional oven. Paperboard’s other advantages are that its insulating properties ensure the containers retain heat but the external surface remains cool to the touch plus it is sustainable. The raw material is sourced from managed re-growth forests and the final product can easily be recycled in household kerbside recycle bins.

How do I reheat my Vivenda meals?

All meals are packaged with full heating instructions under the lid. The paperboard packaging we use is freezer, microwave & conventional oven safe so you have maximum flexibility. Some of the meals such as pies and lasagne can only be heated in the oven but most can be done in the microwave if you are short on time. Check the downloadable menu for those marked (M). Wherever possible though we recommend that you defrost your meals in your refrigerator and then reheat on the stovetop or in the oven, this ensures you are maximising the quality of your Vivenda meals.

Can I give Vivenda as a gift?

Absolutely! Just give Sarah a call on 0488 725 211 or email to arrange. We will send you a gift voucher for either a sample session or full session to give to the lucky recipient. Plus, if you gift a full session we will throw in a bunch of flowers which we will leave on our session day along with the freezer full of Vivenda meals!


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